Welcome To The Fairy Gawd Muva’s Mansion


It’s so good to see you! I’m the Fairy Gawd Muva and you are about to enter a world of Fashion, Beauty, and Glamour!! I created FGM Image Consulting Firm, LLC to enhance the beauty of ALL women of ALL shapes in sizes. I believe that EVERY woman is a QUEEN!!!

FGM embraces every woman’s beauty through Fashion/Virtual Styling, Makeup Sessions, and Glamour Shoots

Ready to Be Enchanted In The Fairy Gawd Muva’s Mansion? How about being invited?


Gawd Muva’s shades collection

The “Gawd Muva’s Shades” Collection were created to personally bring “luxury and glamour” to beautiful women EVERYWHERE. Each pair is custom-designed and No two pair are made alike.


Muva’s Magical Moments

What are Glamour Shoots you ask? Enter Muva’s mansion and experience every day women turned into Muva’s fairies!! Hairstyling, Makeup, Wardrobe, and photography are done by The Fairy Gawd Muva.


Fashion/Virtual styling

Muva’s Mansion is place of fashion quirkiness, beauty and couture without the high price tag. Book a styling session with Muva and experience the luxury of a customized, personalized experience for both you and your wardrobe.