"Transforming Images one Beauty at A time"
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Welcome to FGM Image Consulting Firm, LLC ! I am the Fairy Gawd Muva and you, my dears are Muva’s fairies! You have entered a world of fashion, glamour, beauty, and exquisite luxury!

FGM Consulting specializes in empowering women with beauty and confidence through personal/virtual styling, makeup sessions, wardrobe and photography. All services are provided by ME!!!

I LOOOOOVVVEEEE what I do! There’s nothing like enhancing the beauty of every beautiful woman! What’s most valuable is that my business has something for EVERY WOMAN OF BEAUTY; whether you want a makeover, or a pair of unique shades< Muva will take full care of you!!!

Check out my page to explore all of my Products, Services, and Pricing! Smooches!